Get only the data you need

Parsewire uses machine learning to automatically extract only the information that you need.


Integrated workflow designed for logistic companies

Augment your automation capabilities and enable faster document processing. Release time for what drives value.

Parsewire automatically extract more than 16 data points.
Speed up your customs process 6-fold.
Enable organizatorial collaboration

One product, one hub

You can share your different projects with your team members. Don't worry about handing over unfinished work.

Workflow Features
More speed. Less spend

Keep track of your work

Our integrated workflow solution allows your entire team to keep track of incoming documents.

  • Multiple people can validate documents
  • One place for your entire extraction process
  • Set notes for others to see
Features 02
Ensure quality. Keep speed

Keep output consistent

Define custom validation rules for each output field, to ensure the output adhere to your business.

  • Built-in industry specific validation rules
  • Custom validation rules

Take time back whilst improving your efficiency.

Why waste time of non-adding value services like manual data extraction, when you can automate it?

Supercharged Workflow

Don't have all the relevant information yet? Simply just park your document and process it at a later stage.

Automatic Extraction

Don't waste your time setting up a myriad of templates. Parsewire extract all relevant data using machine learning.


Parsewire works out of the box on most UTF-8 language invoices. No setup or training requried - just upload your document.

Ready to increase your efficiency?

Give Parsewire a spin today and discover how you can increase your efficiency all without huge investments.

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  • API Access
  • Free Parsing Credit