Making manual data extraction a thing of the past

Apply an intelligent solution to your document extraction workflow to augment your organizational collaboration.

Extracting customs information from invoices has never been easier

Don't worry about maintaining templates or writing complex business logic.
Let artificial intelligence do the work for you.

1. Import

Simply import your document to Parsewire using a wide range of different options.

2. Validate

If we are not sure we have everything we need to comply with your process, you have the option to validate the data.

3. Export

Once you're ready you can export the structured data to a myriad of different formats and solutions.

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Lighting fast workflow

Streamline your customs process

Extract all the relevant information you need to complete your export decleration processes.

  • Tariff Code Look-Up
  • Line Item Extraction
  • Field Validation
  • No code required

Integrated workflow designed for logistic companies

Augment your automation capabilities and enable faster document processing. Release time for what drives value.

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Get it right, every time

Working with document extraction can be a very cumbersome task. It can be daunting for human operators to look through countless of documents, let alone get every detail right every time. With Parsewire, you can greatly improve your extraction accuracy.

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Easy to start, optimize and scale

Simply create your account and you can start uploading documents right away. Everything is handled in the cloud and you can get started today. We even scale with your business. We have plans that fit every level of your requirements.

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Enable automation

With our integrated workflow solution, the route to fast, secure, and stable automation has never been easier. Parsewire connects to most enterprise systems using traditional API. It evens allows you to quickly integrate low-code solutions as well, thus enabling an effective document handling pipeline.

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